Old Largs tea room

The Bonnie Blink Tea Room

The Bonnie Blink tea room was opened in 1933. It was located on the rocks above the Haylie Brae near to where the entrance to the view point car park is today.

It was run by a Lady Grizel and Lady Boyle the eldest daughter of the Earl of Glasgow who would be the current Earl's aunt. We really dont know much more about this tea room exept that it was very popular in the 1940s and 50s. When it closed is unknown.

In its day it must have been a fantastic location to have a cup of tea with its stunning views over the Clyde.

Largs Bonnie Blink Tea Room
Largs Bonnie Blink Tea Room
The Bonny Blink Tea Room overlooking the Haylie Brae
The Bonny Blink car park.The entrance to this car park is still visable today.
Largs Bonnie Blink Tea Room
A couple being served refreshments and enjoying the fantastic views from the Bonny Blink
bonny blink
The Bonny Blink with Largs in the background
Bonny Blink Tea Room
bonny blink
A rare postcard showing the inside of the Bonny Blink Tea Room. Cosy.
A rare colour photograph of the Bonny Blink.