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A walk up the Main Street.

Now we will be passing Bellmans Close and then a quick detour into Tron Place.


Hooked on Pets Building

As we head up our walk on the Main Street we reach the building which holds Hooked on Pets. Built around 1850, this building as housed a number of businesses over the years. In the 1850s F J Thomson grocer, 1898 Robert Jack Clothier & Gents outfitter, 1982 Mill knot wear, 1991 Burns Woollen’s, 1991 Essential clothing ,1998 Body Curves ,2009 Silhouette Woman’s Fashion and from 2011 Hooked on Pets. In the corner from 1998 was Calvin Houstin Solicitors and now Housten & Company Estate Agents and Solicitors.

hooked on pets
hooked on pets

The Old Post Office Building

We now pass Bellmans Close on the left. This was also known as Manse Court or Kirk Close in the past and is where the Bellman or Town Crier once lived. One of the many town slaughter houses was located here just up to the left near the old cemetery entrance.

From Bellmans Close we enter Tron Place where the charity shop is located on the corner. This was formerly the location of 3 small shops. These were Robert Jack Tailor, John Campbell ironmonger and the shoe shop owned by Thomas Clark which was in existence since the early 1800s. Jacks and Campbells shops were demolished to make way for the new post office which was opened in February 1905 and which is the current building we have today

When the Post Office was moved to Aitken Street in the late 1920s the office was taken over by the town council. When they moved to Moorburn in 1936 the premises was opened as a gents outfitter by Wm Lees. In 1950 it was bought by Andrew Montgomerie who also acquired the shop next door Clark & Co and the shop was known as Montgomery Clarks.

After Montgomery Clarks closed the premisis became the Super Card shop in 1997. Then in the 2000s Happit Clothes Shop and Hallmarks Card shop in 2015.

old largs post office
old post office
The Old Post Office and Montgomery Clarks as it is today.
Proud Post Office staff outside their new building.
old shop
old shop
Bellmans Close prior to 1905 when the new Post Office was built
Montgomery Clarks Shop.
old largs
mont clark sign
The Bellmans Close area. 1910.
The impressive Montgomery Clark Coat of Arms. Still there today.

Semichem Shop

old semichem building
semi chem now
In the 1850s this was the location of Hunters joiner yard. Then 1913 William Hunter a boot and shoe maker. In 1940s it was the entrance to Wilson’s tearooms. From 1950 it housed one half of Montgomery Clarks Store. When that closed it housed Scottish Power, a fruit shop and Curtess Shoe Shop.

Cafe Renard and Wards of Largs

wards of largs old
wrds of largs today
In the 1850s the location of Cafe Renard was the McMilland Buttercup, in 1877 McMillans Pub and in 1898 William Wilson baker.

By 1913 it housed Wilsons Tea & Refreshments and later Robertson’s pork store. Later it housed the Miller & Clark Butchers shop which had the butcher on one side and a fruit and veg shop on the other. It is remembered locally where the carcasses were hanging on hooks and for the sawdust on the floor. Later Craigmiles Cafe, then The Cafe Continental and today the Cafe Renard.

Prior to Wards of Largs this housed Frank Neri's Restaurant and then Prestige Carpets.

candy box old
candy box now
This property was once a post office which ran from 1826 until 1905. Later it housed Netta Flemings dress shop and Duncan Curries newsagents shop which sold toys ,sweets and fancy goods. Later Swinton insurance.

In 1991 Fairytales Children’s Boutique and in 1998 Continental fudge and the Candy Box

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